3D print of a seated Aztec figure. He's seated on an RFID reader too.

Museum in a Box?

It's just what it says on the tin: A museum. In a box.

Choose your own museum

What if you could make your own collection from any of the museums in the world? Get your new collection delivered to your home, classroom or office.

We want to crack open museum collections around the world, and deliver them to you!

Connected museum objects

The fun starts when you realise that the box knows what objects are in it, thanks to a "brain" inside it. As well as showing you great content about each object and the collection, what if the brain could look on the web for new info and updates too?

Same objects, different places

What if a class in Perth is studying the buildings of ancient Palmyra through the Mosul in a Box box, and there's a class in Singapore using it too? How could the students interact with each other around the objects and their stories?


We're on the second round of prototyping and have prepared a few boxes to demonstrate the idea. The hope is that people can either make boxes themselves, or choose from one created by an institution about a theme. We have three boxes, and a pool of about 30 objects. (There's also a fourth demonstration of Rembrandt self-portraits that doesn't have prints yet.)

The Cross of Saint Patrick and Saint Columba


Do you have an idea for a box you'd like to see? Please say hi!

Museum in a Box Ltd. is registered in England. Company Number: 09849074.