One of our favourite elements of Museum in a Box is that you can make a new collection all your own from museums across the world.

It was often the case, particularly in the late 19th century, that a haul from the New World would be split and shared amongst the grand museums of the UK and Europe. What if you could join them back together?

Each organisation listed here has at least one object available to be added to a box.

Building Partnerships

It's important to note that this list of organisations is derived from the list of objects we've gathered for version 2. (They were all gathered from the public web.) We're working directly with a handful of these good folk, but are very interested to talk with you if you're thinking about 3D digitisation, and interesting projects that share your collection with a broader public than those lucky people who can cross your threshold.

We want to hear from you if you're curious about putting some of your collection into the mix here.

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