Smithsonian Institution Libraries


  1. Colorado River Toad
  2. American Toad
  3. Great Plains Toad
  4. Red-spotted Toad
  5. Gulf Coast Toad
  6. Pine Barrens Tree Frog
  7. Canyon Tree Frog
  8. Green Tree Frog
  9. Spring Peeper
  10. Barking Tree Frog
  11. Pacific Tree Frog
  12. Squirrel Tree Frog
  13. Pickerel Frog
  14. Carpenter Frog
  15. Fowler's Toad
  16. Gray Tree Frog
  17. Museum in a Box Postcard
  18. The Tale of Jeremy Fisher
  19. Portrait of Tycho Brahe
  20. Celestial map showing various constellations
  21. Portrait of Agnes Mary Clerke
  22. Illustration of Solar System from Nicolai Copernici
  23. Half moon from Sidereus Nuncius Magna
  24. Hevelius 140 foot telescope
  25. Schematic of Saturns rings from Cristiani Hugenii Zulichemii
  26. Astrolabe in use from Elvcidatio fabricae vsvsque
  27. Prima Pars from Petri Apiani Cosmographia
  28. Celestial globe with allegorical figures surrounding it
  29. Cancer Crab 3D

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