The Brain

Every box contains a brain. The brain knows which objects are in its box, and can tell you things about them. Each time you ask (by "booping" the object on the brain) the brain makes a note of it. That's called the Boop Log.

Here are some pictures of our early designs...

Components of the brain

Diagram of the brain

Brain and its contents

Three prototype brain designs

Brain Bits

We're still fairly early in the design phase, but our brains are made of:

  1. An SD Card
  2. A Raspberry Pi II
  3. A Wifi dongle
  4. An RFID tag reader
  5. An RFID interconnector cable
  6. Power
  7. Some kind of audio output. We've got a few different types of speakers.
  8. Some kind of video player, via HDMI out. We're connecting to a projector, and a tablet.
  9. RFID tags for all the objects in the box

On Github

You can have a poke at the code, if you're so inclined.

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